We have the training classes you need to help in the fight against terrorism!

The Western Forensic Law Enforcement Training Center (WFLETC) was created to address the training needs of both the local law enforcement community as well as those at the national and international level in addition to our military forces around the world.

 WFLETC will provide the most current, up to date training available anywhere. We have targeted both law enforcement training needs such as basic crime scene response as well as those of a more specific nature such as weapons of mass destruction response to homicide bomber identification/interdiction.  Additionally, WFLETC can also provide training to forensic laboratory personnel in various areas of laboratory analysis from drug id to fire debris/explosive analysis (our specialty).  

We can also supply personnel to do casework backlog reduction upon request through specific contractual agreements.WFLETC has become a leader in providing training in the field of explosives and explosives response.  The Director of the Center, Mr James B Crippin, is well known among the CST community for providing IME (Improvised Manufacture of Explosives) training across the country.

The vast majority of the classes offered by WFLETC are unavailable anywhere else.  We have outstanding instructors with international reputations and decades of hands-on experience in the field.WFLETC can also provide site security evaluations for potential targets of opportunity both by criminals and terrorists.  We offer a vast array of services to both private industry as well as governmental agencies both domestically and abroad.We have developed classes for Medical and Educational facilities as well classes for Public Service and Transportation personnel.  These classes cover a wide range of subjects from IED recognition to Terrorist Operations Recognition.

Don’t be confused by other training facilities saying they can do what we can.  WFLETC has access to scores of experts in various areas of forensic science, law enforcement and the military as well as homeland security that we can draw on to provide the training you need and want at the most cost effective price anywhere.

Please feel free to take a look at any of our course offerings and contact us for further information or ask for a quote at questions [at] wfletc [dot] org” target=”_blank”>questions [at] wfletc [dot] org and we will respond as soon as possible.

We will be continually be updating this page as well as the others so check back often.

Goodbye and have a good day.

James (Jamie) Crippin – Director

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